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Laser Periodontal Therapy
with the LANAP® Protocol

Montgomery Periodontist Dr. Kyle Trammell utilizes LANAP® (Laser-assisted new attachment procedure) protocol as a course of treatment for periodontal (gum) disease. LANAP® protocol is a less invasive approach in comparison to traditional oral surgery methods.

Periodontists have used LANAP® protocols since 2004 to provide comprehensive treatment without cutting soft tissue, and with no need for stitches. Dr. Trammell often recommends LANAP® treatment protocol for patients with moderate to advanced periodontal disease.

Lanap certified clinician. The only F D A cleared, laser periodontitis surgery histologically and scientifically proven to work.

LANAP® Protocol

No cutting also means shorter healing times and less patient discomfort following laser gum surgery vs. traditional gum surgery. Our patients enjoy the comfort and convenience of LANAP® treatment, as well as the results.

How does the Dental Laser work?

Dr. Kyle Trammell performs LANAP® laser procedures using the PerioLase® MVP-7™ system. The patented instrument has a tiny fiber tip for fine, meticulous application. Dr. Trammell inserts the laser tip into the ‘pocket’ between the gum tissue and tooth structure to clean the tooth root surfaces below the gums.

PerioLase® MVP-7™ is powerful technology, yet it operates with a controlled, specific wavelength to eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins - without harming the healthy gum tissue. This process can also help stimulate regenerative growth of tissue and bone.

The Benefits of LANAP®

Because the LANAP® protocol does not involve cutting, patients are generally comfortable enough after treatment to return to their daily routine. While traditional surgery requires 7-10 days healing time with expected soreness and bleeding, the LANAP® protocol reduces this significantly, with little to no post-treatment discomfort or bleeding.

Infection in the mouth can cause complications with other medical conditions. LANAP® procedures reduce harmful bacteria around the teeth, which helps to reduce tissue inflammation and eliminate oral infection.

The majority of adult tooth loss is related to gum disease. By reducing bacteria levels and promoting healthy tissue growth, LANAP® treatments can make a difference, saving teeth and avoiding the expense of tooth replacement treatments.

Patients that have trouble with blood clotting or healing due to medications or medical conditions are often good candidates for LANAP® procedures for treatment of periodontal disease vs. traditional gum surgery. The minimally invasive approach and minor healing does not raise the same concerns for post-operative bleeding as a traditional dental surgery site.

The gradual, layered technique of the laser associated with LANAP® gum tissue treatment is also helpful for cosmetic concerns. Less tissue removal helps avoid the appearance of receding gums. This is in contrast to dental surgery, which requires an incision and provides less control over how the gums look after they heal.

Take Control of Your Periodontal Health

If the topic of gum surgery has been overwhelming, LANAP® protocol periodontal treatment may be an option for you. Our board certified Periodontist Dr. Kyle Trammell can assist you with a consultation to discuss periodontal treatment to protect your oral health and save your teeth.

Our Montgomery periodontal practice is centrally located near Carmichael Road and the Perry Hill Road exit on I-85. We invite you to Contact Us to learn more about our practice and LANAP® protocol laser gum surgery.