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Kyle H. Trammell, DMD · Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

Dental Professionals

At Trammell Periodontics, we are honored to provide specialty support for dentists and their patients in the Montgomery area. Our Periodontist collaborates as part of the dental health care team to treat periodontal disease, perform cosmetic periodontal procedures and for placement of dental implants.

Dr. Kyle Trammell approaches each case from a total health mindset, with function and esthetics as the guiding principles of care. Specially trained in the management of periodontal treatment for patients with complex medical needs, he communicates with physicians and other health care providers as necessary to ensure he is fully supporting the patient's overall health and maintaining the highest standards of periodontal dentistry.

Each member of our team is passionate about assisting our patients and our dental colleagues with the management and treatment of periodontal disease and ongoing periodontal maintenance procedures. Our clinical team members dedicate time with every patient to review home care instructions and provide current information and education about periodontal health.

Thank you for your trust in Trammell Periodontics.

If you are a referring dentist, we invite you to provide us with information regarding your patient. Please Contact Us to coordinate a consultation appointment and to arrange for transfer of any radiographs, images or models.