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two dental implants supporting a dental bridge

Dental Implants
Restoration & Care

Montgomery periodontist, Dr. Kyle Trammell, specializes in the placement of dental implants and treatment of periodontal disease. Dr. Trammell works closely with restorative dentists to facilitate placement of dental implants in preparation for a dental restoration or appliance designed to replacing one or more missing teeth.

Common restorative options to rebuild your smile include:

Single Dental Implant & Crown

A single dental implant may be restored with a dental crown; the crown is specially designed to attach to the dental implant. The crown is customized in a tooth-colored shade to match your existing teeth and restorations for a beautiful, natural-looking result.

Dental Implants & Fixed Bridge

If multiple teeth are missing, a fixed bridge may be secured with two or more dental implants. The opportunity that dental implants have created for fixed prosthetic placement over the years make solving the challenges of missing back teeth an exciting clinical advantage in dentistry today! Often, a removable partial denture was the only option for replacement of the most posterior teeth (furthest to the back) 25-30 years ago.

Implant-stabilized Denture

Implant-stabilized dentures are a remarkable solution for denture-wearers. Dr. Trammell and your dentist work together to plan for implant placement and a replacement denture that will snap onto the dental implants to keep them firmly in place. If you have experienced loose, uncomfortable dentures in the past, an implant denture is an option that you should consider - denture wearers everywhere comment that it makes a dramatic difference!

Taking Care of Your Dental Implant

After your dental implant procedure, a healing time is usually expected. Generally, it takes 2-4 months for the bone to heal, and may take longer if bone grafting or modification procedures have been performed to support the implant. Dr. Trammell and your dentist will plan for a tooth replacement approach that supports the healing process.

x ray image of two dental implants

Even though the dental implant is made of metal, it should be maintained much like your own natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing, with consistent dental check-up visits and periodic xrays will help prevent periodontal disease from developing around the dental implant (a condition known as peri-implantitis). The inflammation and infection that occurs with periodontal disease not only jeopardizes the retention of the dental implant, it can affect your overall oral and systemic health. Read more about Periodontal Disease.

We will work with your regular dentist to follow the health of your dental implant. During your routine preventive visits, bone level around the dental implants should be monitored with both a clinical exam and xrays. However uncommon, it is possible for implant attachments to wear or become loose on occasion. This is a relatively simple repair if addressed as soon as possible.

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