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cosmetic gum sculpting

Cosmetic Treatments

The goal of cosmetic periodontal procedures is to provide shape and symmetry to the gum line to complement existing teeth and dental restorations and create an attractive, pleasing smile. Also called “periodontal plastic surgery”, Dr. Trammell enjoys working closely with restorative dentists to help patients reach their cosmetic dentistry goals.

Some of the common cosmetic periodontal procedures performed in our practice include:

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening

Front teeth can give the impression of being “too small” or, having a “gummy” smile or uneven smile line when there is too much gum tissue. The periodontist can perform a cosmetic crown lengthening procedure and remove some of the excess gum tissue to enhance your smile without changing your natural teeth.

Cosmetic Ridge Augmentation

When a tooth is removed, at times the ridge collapses, leaving a unnatural indentation in the gum tissue. This affects the size and shape of the tooth replacement. A cosmetic ridge augmentation procedure can “plump out” the ridge so that a normal looking tooth can be created to enhance the quality of your smile.

Connective Tissue Graft

When teeth appear “too long”, it may be due to gum recession that is showing part of the tooth root. A connective tissue graft procedure can be used to place a small tissue graft over the root surface and bring the natural gumline back to the proper location.

gum tissue graft before and after

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you.

The appearance of your gums can affect how you feel about your smile. Uneven gum tissue, excess gum tissue or obvious areas where there has been a lot of gum recession can detract from the appearance of even the most beautiful teeth. Our Montgomery periodontal practice provides cosmetic surgical procedures to enhance the appearance of your existing teeth and cosmetic dental restorations.

At Trammell Periodontics, we want you to have a healthy, confident smile that you are proud of! Please Contact Us to learn more about cosmetic options for your smile.

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